Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazing! Better than ever!

Amazing! I am doing better than ever! The redness and swelling has completely gone away. My legs are the same as when I was twenty five and I haven’t used the compression socks for months! I was feeling it in my lungs quite a bit, but even that has gotten much better. (Still there a bit but doing great!) I feel very blessed and grateful.

This holiday season has been one of the most... meaningful of my life.

Nothing to do now but keep going, eat good (especially after the holidays), exercise and enjoy this reprieve that I have been experiencing. Here’s hoping for the future.


Ps. My sister, who also has Sarcoidosis is doing much better as well. She has lost a ton of weight and is down to 5 milligrams of Prednisone and looking to go to 2! She has had Sarcoid longer than me but most of that time was untreated. She has taken a slightly different treatment path, primarily just Prednisone, but it has worked for her. Just goes to show that different people react differently to different treatments, the key is to just never give up!

Good luck sis!