Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holding on and a leap of faith

I have gone off of the primary medication (for personal reasons I’ll explain later) and have been waiting to see if my symptoms come back. It is too early to come off as quickly as I have and so I am expecting some side effects. So far I haven’t really noticed anything, but that last few day I have begun to have some serious pains in my left foot. It has been very debilitating at times, reminding me of my ankles when I first was diagnosed. I have also been sick with the… well runs on and off for over two weeks now. I know that my sarcoid kicks up when I am sick. (This only makes sense since it is an autoimmune disease.) I am hoping that it is only because of this and will go away when I am feeling better.

I’ve already seen a doctor about my drawn out stomach issues, but he seems to think it is a virus and will pass. If it is, this is the longest I have had something like this. I have a prescription to have an additional test done at the hospital should it not clear up. For now…. I think I’ll wait it out.

Today I wasn’t hurting and so I went on a mile and ¾ walk with my wife. No pain! I don’t know yet if I am just lucky today or if it was temporary. All I can do is just wait and see. It was good tonight though!

I talked to a guy at my work today… get this. He had sarcoid 10 years ago! For a rare disease I sure know a lot of people who have had this, or do have it My dad, my sister, a person at my church and a person at my work. Hummm… I guess we are not so alone as some may think ah?

Things are still looking positive though. I’ll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things have been going very well. I have progressed all summer and am feeling only minimal symptoms. I have on large area on the shin of my left leg that at times gets hot, red and sore. At other times it is cool to the touch but hard as bone. I have the same thing on my right leg but to a much lesser extent. The medications and I believe physical activity has really worked well.

I have been very active this summer, many walks with my wife and the family and even walked home from work today. (About 3 miles) I've also lost twenty pounds over the summer and my prednisone face has mostly gone away. (sigh in relief) Just a short while agao I went on an eight hour ATV ride through the mountains while the leaves are changing. I felt great and the ride was Amazing! All in all I have really been blessed.

I have recently gone off of the Imuran and the Sarcoid hasn’t gotten any worse. I am now only on Prednisone, Plaqunel and Nabumetone (1500 mgs per night). =) I will have to wait and see how the winter goes, but I am very hopeful. Things appear to be really looking up.

Keep fighting! It's worth it!